C and C Robotic Club

C and C Robotic Club is a student-centered program where student members will form teams to develop their Coding skills, leadership and co-operation spirit. The team will build their project together, with everyone contributing and flourishing.

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C and C Debate Club

C and C Debate Club is a student- led platform that encourages the art of public speaking and critical thinking. It provides an avenue for individuals to express their opinions, thoughts, and ideas on different subjects while engaging in healthy discussions with their peers. The aim of our debate club is to enhance communication skills, develop confidence, and promote intellectual discourse.

C and C UAV Club

At the UAV Club, our mission is to push the boundaries of innovation and exploration in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. We are a passionate community of enthusiasts, engineers, and adventurers united by our fascination with cutting-edge drone technology. Our goal is to create a collaborative environment where members can learn, experiment, and develop new applications for UAVs. From aerial photography and environmental monitoring to search and rescue operations, we aim to harness the potential of drones to address real-world challenges. Through workshops, projects, and knowledge-sharing, we strive to cultivate expertise and promote safe and responsible drone usage.

C and C Talks

C and C Talks is a series where individuals will speak on several important topics relating to education and mental health. In the past it has had several speakers who shared their experiences in parenting, psychology, and in education and volunteering.

C and C Literacy Club

C and C Literacy Club is a student-led program where several volunteer student members are leading a group of learners in a reading comprehension program. This is helping develop the concept of volunteering for the student leaders and hopefully show them the rewards of volunteering.