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C And C Education Foundation was founded by Lucia Liu in 2019. The purpose of the foundation is to foster the skills of Leadership, Mentorship and Fellowship from primary through to secondary levels of education. This will be achieved by offering a variety of programs to support students. The foundation provides workshops, resources and support for both students and their parents. C and C Education Foundation strives to help new Chinese immigrants and their children culturally and psychologically to adapt to Canadian society.



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Our Story

Since 2019, C And C Education Foundation has been actively supporting new Chinese immigrants and their children through providing seminars and various activities. Specifically in 2019, C And C Education Foundation held a parenting seminar in MRU with more than 120 participants attending. During Covid, C And C Education Foundation offered over 30 non-profit classes for new Chinese immigrants' children to keep their mental health. Meanwhile, C And C Literacy Club, C And C Talks, and C And C Robotic Club have been run biweekly to develop the wellbeing of new Chinese immigrants during Covid.

In addition, C And C Education Foundation has organized several group purchases of education materials over the past six years. Participation has been numbering over 2000 licenses for families. The organization also organized and collaborated in PPE acquisition and distribution at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta in March, 2020. Over the past six years, the Chairman has been providing education seminars, along with guest speakers, for hundreds of participants at venues across the city of Calgary.

C And C Education Foundation has been working with CIWA and reached an agreement with Harvard Students Agencies to provide workshops and youth leadership programs to implement this project.

The foundation eventually wants to provide ongoing programs and resources for all Canadians, immigrants as well as the general community. Volunteerism and member participation will be a focus going forward.

Board of Directors


Don Scott, QC

Director Lawyer | Former Mayor of Fort McMurray Minister of Higher Education for Alberta | City Councilor


Dr. Wenran Jiang

Director Advisor Institute for Peace & Diplomacy


Ms. Lucia Liu

Director Alberta Certified High School Teacher Principal of C and C Educenter


Ashley Li



Jill Liu

Career Counselor/Job Coach Calgary Immigrant Women's Association



Mr. Andrew


Mr. Evan


Mr. Vincent


Ms. Tracey


Ms. Kaitlin

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